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Meet our Founder

Daniel Castaneda GD Pro Founder

GD Pro Services was established in 2006 in Orlando, Florida, by the then 19-year-old entrepreneur, Daniel Castaneda. This enterprise was conceived during his time at the University of Central Florida, while concurrently working full-time. Its inception was driven by a profound commitment to assist his mother in achieving financial prosperity. Originally intended as a means to support her in establishing her business, Daniel has continued to lead the company to this day.


What commenced as a modest nightly janitorial cleaning service catering to downtown Orlando has since evolved into a thriving cleaning corporation that offers a diverse array of cleaning solutions throughout the entire state of Florida. Over the course of the past two decades, Daniel has nurtured GD Pro Services from its humble beginnings into a flourishing entity, diversifying its offerings well beyond the confines of its initial "janitorial" namesake.


Daniel's journey has been characterized by unrelenting dedication, having undertaken every role within the company at some point. He has developed an intimate familiarity with all facets of the business, encompassing cleaning methodologies, equipment, supplies, staffing and labor management, quality assurance, and more. His leadership is underscored by an unwavering commitment to integrity and excellence, all while remaining mindful of the 19-year-old he once was.


Today, Daniel continues to be an active and engaged member of the Orlando community, savoring the attractions that the "City Beautiful" has to offer, including visits to Disney theme parks, attendance at Orlando Magic games, and enjoying the local dining scene.

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